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You're always one decision away from a totally different life

Are you ready to unite with YOUR tribe of people, who want to disconnect from everyday life, to reconnect to their biggest dreams and make a MASSIVE difference in their life? Then join us for a 6-day personal growth experience that will leave you inspired, empowered and recharged. 


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Join us for a yoga class on Zoom! Looking for a recharging retreat day or weekend in The Netherlands? We offer various retreats for you to unwind and relax. Ready to take your life to a next level? Join us for a personal growth experience in mayan paradise Tulum. We are always adding new retreats. Please check this page often to find our newest amazing destinations.


Surf & Yoga retreat Portugal

The perfect combination! Yoga creates more flexibility in areas where surfers need it the most. The yoga classes will help you improve your surfing skills. We will focus on the hips, spine and shoulders as well as working on building the much needed strength. Yoga and surfing both require balance so let's start practicing! All levels of surfing and yoga are welcome.
This midweek you will improve your surfing and yoga skills and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Baleal. You will take daytrips to different beaches and there will be plenty of time to relax and enjoy deliciously prepared food.
Join us in november 2020!

Online Yoga

Practicing yoga from the comfort of your own home. Practicing at home has so many benefits. All you have to do is grab your mat, get on Zoom and join! And since you are at home, why don't you take an extra long rest in Savasana. (Privates and group classes available).

"A perfect balance is how I would describe the class. It's amazing how Renée is able to create this calm ambience, a safe zone where I can explore yoga for the first time without any concern as she guides me." ~ Jess Huang, yoga student. 

Yoga & SUP mini-retreats

Spend a day in the relaxing vibe of Scheveningen beach. Slowly starting the morning with a coffee or tea while listening to calming sound of the waves breaking. The day will be filled a vibrant vinyasa flow, an energizing ashtanga class and an hour of fun in the water on your SUP board. In between you will enjoy a nutritious lunch and a delicious smoothie followed by a mindfulness walk through the beautiful sand dunes. A day full of fun and laughter! It's a good day, for a good day!

Personal growth retreats

The best gift you will ever give yourself! Reclaiming your life, by using our highly effective program to integrate the latest research on mindfulness. Getting effective tools to reach great levels of self-discipline, while having a ton of fun and making friends for life!
Wake up in paradise and start your day with our motivating morning routine. Then grab your mat and tune into yourself in our morning yoga practice. Nurture yourself with local organic meals and power juices. Going on adventures to white sand beaches, jaw dropping turquoise lagunes, magical cenotes and more!
The next journey will be februari 8th-februari 13th 2021

Do you have big goals, but you seem to loose sight of them in your busy everyday life?

Don't worry you're not alone.

Do you feel like life is living you instead of that you are living your life? Do you feel like there’s more to YOUR life then there is right now? Do you have goals you want to work towards, but you just can’t seem to get to, because of everything that’s happening around you or what has happened to you? Every time you make new resolutions: I will eat healthier, I will loose weight, I will start my own business, I will travel the world, I will start journaling and so on. And every time you loose sight of those goals you find yourself disappointed and left with a feeling of guilt and regret. This can go on for days, which becomes weeks, which becomes years, which becomes a lifetime. This is YOUR life, your ONLY life. What ever your dreams may be, big or small, let us help you! Let’s take back your life. Let’s live like there’s no tomorrow. We will integrate the latest research on mindfulness to elevate your health to a hight of which you didn't think was ever possible to you. We will help you to understand how self-discipline is the definition of self-love and guide you through the 6 most transformative days of your life.


"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions"

Dalai Lama XIV


Upcoming events

Yoga & Surf Retreat Portugal
Fri, Nov 06
Baleal Island
Nov 06, 1:00 PM – Nov 10, 5:00 PM
Baleal Island, Baleal Island, Portugal
The best combination!
Tulum, Mexico | Recharge in Paradise // Yoga | Healthy food | Mindfulness | Strength/toning | Pampering
Mon, Feb 08
Tulum Mexico
Feb 08, 2021, 1:00 PM – Feb 13, 2021, 5:00 PM
Tulum Mexico
Yoga en SUP mini retreats
Sun, Jul 05
Manta Beach
Jul 05, 9:00 AM – 4:05 PM
Manta Beach, Strand Noord 57b, 2586 ZZ Den Haag, Nederland
Yoga & SUP mini-retreat
Fri, Jun 05
Manta Beach
Jun 05, 9:00 AM – 4:05 PM
Manta Beach, Strand Noord 57b, 2586 ZZ Den Haag, Nederland
Join us for two yoga classes, fun in the water on your SUP board, healthy foods and a mindfulness walk through the beautiful sand dunes!

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