What people say about my yoga classes and coaching

Renée is such a sweet soul. She is one of the most heart-warming people and yoga teachers I know. She easily creates a sacred and peaceful space in her classes and guides you safely through the yoga class. Additionally she is super into backbends, so if you are seeking for increasing your confidence, embracing yourself, and to experience life on the bright side go ahead and spent some time with her.

Nela Tesch

I had a great private yoga class with Renée! She made sure the class was at a pace that was right for me. The yoga practice was strengthening and we ended it with some relaxing poses followed by meditation. Renée is an amazing teacher!

Zerya Shakely

Renée is a great yoga teacher! She'll take you through the class always checking that everyone is feeling well and adapting the practice according to everyone possibilities!
On top of that she's a great person full of positive energy!
I warmly recommend her!

Garance Klauss

I met Renée, this caring and loving human being while I was volunteering at the hostel in Sri Lanka, She was the onsite yoga teacher.
Sunset yoga class would be hold everyday, and oh my, It was the event I look forward to every day.
A perfect balance would be how I describe her class, It's amazing how Renée is able to create this calm ambience in the space, a safe zone where I can explore yoga for the first time without any concern as she guided.
While we are on the different side of the planet now, I carry her inspiration with me as I look forward to see her and be in her class again.

Jess Huang


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